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About Dr. Lisa LaCross

Dr. Lisa LaCross, a graduate of Michigan State University, has owned Long Lake Animal Hospital along with her husband Jeff since 1998. They have grown their hospital while raising four children. She is the author of Dog Care: 365 Tips & Insights as well as Cat Care: 365 Tips & Insights, of which all proceeds from the sale of these books go to the local Cherryland Humane Society. She has a special interest in rehabilitation therapy and continues to practice and enjoy all that Traverse City, Michigan has to offer.

MARIJUANA is not for pets!

I thought it may be a good idea to share my concerns as a veterinarian on the legalization of marijuana, I don't like marijuana, legal or not, it poses a risk to my patients. According to Pet Poison Control there has been a 448% increase in marijuana cases over the last 6 years since it [...]

The Glass Jar

I remember the first time I saw heartworms; yes, they are big, real and visible! My college summer job was at the local veterinary clinic. I worked mostly with the small animal vet "Doc" as he was often called by clients. This clinic also had two large animal vets. For my readers whose imaginations jump [...]

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