Immunotherapy and Allergy Treatment Options

Cancer Vaccine

K9 Autologous Cancer Vaccine, K9-ACV. Your veterinarian will surgically remove the tumor and ship it to Ardent’s lab. This is where they extract the tumor cells and prepare the cancer vaccine. The vaccine is then sent to your veterinarian where they will administer it. The treatment protocol involves three visits after your pet’s initial surgery. During these visits, your pet will receive an injection just under the skin. This is quick and easy and your pet will go home with you. 85% of patients displayed an increased response against their cancer post-vaccination.


Cytopoint is a safe, effective, long-lasting treatment for dogs with allergic or atopic dermatitis. Cytopoint starts controlling allergic itch within 1 day and reduces scratching, chewing, licking, and biting of the skin for up to 8 weeks. Cytopoint works like your dog’s own immune system to block the signals that trigger allergic itch. Cytopoint is safe to use in dogs of any age and can be used in combination with other medications.

Nextmune Allergy Testing

Nextmune allergy testing can test up to 92 common allergens in your area-including weeds, trees, grasses, as well as indoor and food proteins. Nextmune formulates all-natural hyposensitization treatment made of microscopic concentrations of allergens your pet has reacted to. Treatment is available as injections or drops. Hypo-sensitization therapy, allows the immune system to safely acclimate to the allergens’ existence in their body. The Immune system acclimates and stops producing the reaction. It can take 4-6 months before you see results.

Immunotherapy for Pets in Traverse City, MI

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